Warehouses in Avonmouth to be enhanced by New Earth Solutions new plant for waste-to-energy

Waste treatment and recycling firm New Earth Solutions has begun producing energy by treating refuse derived fuel (RDF) at its Avonmouth pyrolysis and gasification facility.

Operated by New Earth’s subsidiary NEAT Technology Group Limited (NEAT), the facility near Bristol is fed using the RDF produced at New Earth’s 200,000 tonnes-a-year capacity mechanical biological treatment (MBT) facility, located on the same site. The Avonmouth MBT plant was opened in September 2011 and treats waste on behalf of the West of England Waste Partnership.

Mark Scobie, New Earth Group’s chief executive, said: “We are delighted and proud to be able to provide the West of England Partnership with a complete closed-loop waste-to-energy solution.”

Scott Edmondson, NEAT’s technical director and lead engineer explained that the facility is based on a modular design, and that the company set out to design one tonne per hour modular units.

“In the Avonmouth design there are 16 units as the energy solution has been sized to meet the needs of the RDF production rates of the adjacent MBT,” he said.

According to Edmondson this modular approach means that the company is able to supply solutions that fit local needs rather than the minimum economic tonnages which can associated with larger-scale thermal processes.

Commenting on the MBT and gasification facilities, Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson, said: “I was greatly inspired by my visit to New Earth’s Avonmouth waste and energy facilities. The operations provide a circular economy for the area diverting 95% of Bristol and the surrounding area’s residual waste away from landfill and generating renewable energy. It is initiatives like this that have assisted Bristol in its successful bid to become European Green Capital in 2015.”

Phase 2 is currently being installed and will be generating power in the autumn.

Source: Lets Recycle